About Me


My name is Can, I am currently a Computer Science Engineering student at Yeditepe University. I love solving problems and making life easier for all of us. Check out my Projects.

My Specialties Include:
  • Backend Development in Node.js and Python,
  • Database Managment using MongoDB and Postgres,
  • Frontend Development using Tailwind.css, Vue, Nuxt.js, React and Next.js,
  • Game Development in Unity using C#, 3D low-poly modelling using Blender.

Currently learning Rust and Elixir.

Past Experiences
Temp.gg - Backend DeveloperJune 2020 - June 2021A web app that allows Discord users to create their own communities using templates on the app in less than a minute.

Technologies used:

Node.js, MongoDB, Express, Fastify